Are Northern Cyprus Universities Recognized?

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Many students who wish to study and interested at the universities of Northern Cyprus (Turkey) .

Are Northern Cyprus universities recognized?

Perhaps the most important characteristic of any international university is the local and international confessions and appropriations.

Therefore, most universities in Cyprus have memberships in academic, administrative and educational organizations,

Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World FUIW

, (Member of the European Universities Association (EAU

, (Member of the International Universities Association (IAU

, An accredited center for Edexcel and Pearson International Institutes in English.

– American Association of Engineering Colleges (ABET) at the Eastern Mediterranean university EMU
– Recognition of the (MUDAK)of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Cyprus International University CIU
– Recognition of the Euro-ACE European Accreditation of Engineering Programs at Near East University NEU

you can apply in all Northern Cyprus University for free here 

And here . You can find out about the membership and credits of universities in Cyprus
Universities are accredited universities with high quality of education and high academic standards.

We reiterate that accreditation of international certificates and confessions is the most important characteristic of universities and study in Turkish Cyprus, where most of its universities are accredited Arab and international for all medical, engineering, administrative and literary specialties.