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The Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University (KSTU, KIBRIS SAĞLIK ve TOPLUM BİLİMLERİ ÜNİVERSİTESİ) is a new appearance in the area of Cyprus higher education. Now KSTU is the biggest institution of higher education for Medical Sciences in N.Cyprus, continuing the best traditions.The University is the largest institution of higher education for Medical Sciences in North Cyprus, successfully integrating studies, research, and clinical practice. KSTU consists of two main academies: Medical Academy and Social Academy.

Students of medicine, odontology, and nursing will gain their practical skills at the KSTU , which is the equipped medical institution in the North Cyprus. The entire medical staff values innovative and progressive methods of treatment and diagnostics, which meet global standards.

Pharmacy students gain practical skills at the Faculty of Pharmacy, which is designed not only to serve the public but also to be the main training facility of the Faculty of Pharmacy, offering students a broad spectrum of practical knowledge and skills and providing them with firsthand working experience. Students seeking to become veterinary doctors obtain their practical skills in large and small animal clinics and operating rooms of the Veterinary Academy.

Students may study at foreign universities or go abroad for practice for the period up to several Academic years. The contracts of academic exchange will sign with universities in many European countries. KSTU is a thematic university committed to enabling our girls, the mothers of our future, to take a more active role in society. KSTU is the first university with women forming the overwhelming majority of the board of trustees and management. Our facilities located on 80.000 mm open and 20.000 mm closed area, students.KSTU has a capacity for giving education students.

KSTU has many states of the art laboratories, lecture theaters, meeting rooms, conference halls, libraries, health centers and various academic and training spaces on our campus, as well as academic and administrative departments at the service of our students. additionally, KSTU offers a broad range of facilities to our students such as a swimming pool, a tennis court, a fitness center, dry-cleaning service, a hairdresser, a basketball court, 2 cafeterias, a supermarket and dormitories in different room sizes for varying student budgets.

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