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Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus is the first overseas campus of a Turkish university, and was founded in accordance with an invitation conveyed to METU by the governments of Republic of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the year 2000 and the foundation law adopted in the year 2003. Located at the Güzelyurt district of North Cyprus, the Campus currently offers 15 undergraduate and 5 graduate programs providing the academic repertoire and quality maintained at the home campus in Ankara, Turkey.


Northern Cyprus Campus is attached to Middle East Technical University in all academic and administrative matters, and operates under the same educational standards and policies applied at its home campus. Thus, Northern Cyprus Campus provides yet another opportunity to study at a high-ranking university, committed to the development of critical and creative thinking, self-discipline and motivation, leadership and confidence in students, and to graduate them with the ability to communicate and cooperate effectively and to adapt to new challenges and circumstances as well as with entrepreneurial skills and ethical standards.  Northern Cyprus Campus graduates receive their diplomas undersigned by the METU Rector together with the home campus graduates at the METU Graduation Ceremony held in Ankara, Turkey, and become part of the network of METU alumni comprising over 120,000 members.


Approximately 3,150 students currently study at METU Northern Cyprus Campus. The Campus benefits from the 60 years of experience and expertise of METU, delivering a rich and challenging education with an inspiring selection of courses and innovative research opportunities. METU prepares new generations of leaders who possess a global mindset. In its short history, more than 1,600 students graduated from METU Northern Cyprus Campus, almost all of whom hold positions at institutions and organizations accredited in Turkey and recognized worldwide, by virtue of their internationally-recognized METU diploma

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