We guide you to the most important universities , official university agents and licensed
educational institutions which provide you with many university services.

Applying to universities:
Applying to private and public universities, answering all your inquiries about studying in
Cyprus and inform you about all the papers required to register in universities, obtaining
university acceptance and help you to complete your registration and all your papers.

Residence and health insurance:
We proceed the residence transaction for you, book the appointment in addition to
your health insurance, and all issues and transactions related to your Cyprus residence.

Accommodation and student Housing services :
Applying for student housing in universities that provide housing for their students, or
helping to provide suitable housing for students who want to live either alone or with

Reception services at the airport:
In order not to feel that you are alone in Cyprus, and to feel secure with us, our services
accompany you from the moment you arrive at the airport and go on with you step by
step within our various and multiple service packages.


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