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Studying Engineering in Turkish Cyprus

Studying Engineering in Turkish Cyprus

Cyprus is known as a destination for university education, certificates issued by universities are recognized in the Arab world and throughout the European Union and are mostly given in English.

English and Turkish are the two main languages spoken by Cypriots, but English is widely spoken, so we will talk more about the details of the study of engineering in Turkish Cyprus.

Conditions for admission to Turkish universities of Cyprus

There are several conditions for your admission to the Turkish University of Cyprus, as follows:

  • Sufficient experience in English.
  • They can learn your language experience, by skipping the language entrance exam.
  • Cyprus’ universities approve any secondary certificate.

Study Features in Northern Cyprus

Turkish Cyprus has many features that make it different from anywhere else, and the features are as follows:

  • Important location: Cyprus is one of the best in situ, because it is a link between European countries.
  • Its quality and distinctive education: Education is one of the most important things in the State of Cyprus, which indicates that the student will enjoy a high level of education.
  • Simplicity of terms: Conditions in Cyprus colleges are easy and simple, so don’t be afraid to apply.
  • Low costs: studying and living does not require much money.
  • Another advantage is that you can participate in all kinds of activities.
Studying Engineering in Turkish Cyprus
Studying Engineering in Turkish Cyprus

There are many well-known and renowned universities in Northern Cyprus, such as:

  1. The most famous of them is the University of the Eastern Mediterranean “EMU”.
  2. International University of Cyprus “CIU”.
  3. The last university we will recognize is NEU.
  4. There are about 17 other universities.


Study of Engineering at the International University of Cyprus

Founded in 1997, the International University of Cyprus (CIU) is a private educational institution located on the outskirts of Nicosia in northern Cyprus.

Recognized by the Supreme Planning, Education and Evaluation Authority, Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council for Higher Education.

Courses and programs are officially recognized such as undergraduate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorates in many fields of study.

International University Residency in Cyprus

Cyprus International University’s residential walls offer a variety of accommodation options for its students, modern and fully furnished communal dormitories are convenient to easy access to classrooms and all other facilities.

On campus, you’ll never be more than a 10-minute walk from your built destination in a beautiful natural environment.

Study of engineering at the University of the Eastern Mediterranean

The study of engineering at the University of the Eastern Mediterranean is very high.

Thanks to its modern infrastructure and outstanding academic staff, 17,500 students from 1100 and 110 academics from 110 different countries.

EMU has enviable standards, with the University of the Mediterranean providing all support to its students in their international careers by educating them.

To become creative and competitive individuals, many international students are admitted to universities in Cyprus every year, offering higher education in a safe and multicultural environment at a very reasonable cost.

The Eastern Mediterranean University is proceeding with abet’s recognition of the Faculty of Engineering, the International University of Cyprus is characterized by MUDEK’s recognition of the Faculty of Engineering of WASHINGTON ACCORD.


Study of Engineering at Near East University in Cyprus

Many students are looking to seek to join the Near East University to study engineering, because the University of Cyprus has the lowest costs at the level of Turkish colleges in Cyprus.

Requirements for admission to Cyprus’ universities

If the student is applying for admission to the University of Cyprus, the following requirements must be met:

  • Valid passport.
  • GCSEs

Living prices in Cyprus


The price of living in Cyprus varies from person to person due to the different way of living from person to person. We have thoroughly collected information on the details of living in Cyprus, as follows:


  • The details of housing and living and their prices in Cyprus are not exorbitant.
  • The schoolteacher is housed in a house in conjunction with three persons.
  • The house’s rent (500 euros) is divided into the three individuals.
  • Conversely, the details of natural living of electricity, water and food are extravagant.
  • Per person in living expenses is approximately 300 to 500 euros, which is the minimum expense.
  • Finally, the expenses of studying engineering in Turkish Cyprus are low and subsidized compared to other countries.
Studying Engineering in Turkish Cyprus
Studying Engineering in Turkish Cyprus

financial Support for study expenses in Cyprus

Government-funded scholarships, which typically cover between the value of 50% or 75% or 100% of fees, are available to international graduate students who have shown outstanding academic performance.

Universities such as the University of Cyprus support foreign postgraduate students through assistance.

How to get a visa

Non-EU students will need a visa to study in the country, where visas are only issued to full-time students who receive at least 12 credits per semester.

Apply to the Cyprus Embassy in your country two to three months before the course begins.

You will be asked to attend a visa interview where you will be required to provide documents including proof of medical examination, as well as letters of financial support and good behavior.

How to register for a visa

Applications are generally sent directly to the organization by mail, with forms that can be downloaded through the official website, after which each institution determines its admission conditions.

So you’ll need to review your university admissions office for specific details, you should be ready to apply for a year in advance.

Some programs require you to attend an entrance exam or interview before admission, you will also have to pay the application fee, and you may need to submit your passport, birth certificate, academic certificates and references with your application form.

You must also prove that you can support yourself financially and pay tuition in advance, documents may be required in English.


Language requirements to study engineering in Cyprus

In order to study engineering you must be familiar with English, where private universities study in English.

While each public university offers courses taught in English, universities require proof of English proficiency before registration, and there is no formal language testing system

Prices of Engineering Study in Cyprus

There is a discrepancy in the prices of study of engineering, depending on the university and on the individual’s personal expenses, but only official fees for study amount to approximately Euro3099.


We reached the end of the article where we learned about studying at the universities of Cyprus, and about all the details of the submission.

You can see more articles about the study in Turkish Cyprus, and you can also contact us by WhatsApp to answer any queries.