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Studying Pharmacy at CIU

Studying Pharmacy at CIU

Cyprus is an excellent destination for studying pharmacy, and Northern Cyprus is one of the countries that is keen on education as a primary growth factor in the country’s development.

It is a major educational institution, and the 21-year-old higher education institution manages a selective admission policy based on previous admission exams, records, and academic accreditation data for students, with an acceptance rate ranging from 60 to 70%.

Studying Pharmacy at CIU
Studying Pharmacy at CIU

Overview of CIU

The International Cyprus University, sometimes called CIU, was founded in Northern Cyprus in 1996.

It is a modern and innovative institution with all the necessary academic and social activities.

The university is located in the capital, five kilometers from the center of Nicosia, 14 kilometers from Ercan Airport, and 30 kilometers from the coastal city of Kyrenia or Girne.

CIU attracts students from all over the world through its internationally recognized and accredited programs, occupying a significant part of the country’s education system.

One of the most impressive features of the university is the modern campus and integrated computer system, making learning and teaching more comfortable for students and faculty members.

Studying Pharmacy at CIU

The main mission of the Pharmacy College at the International Cyprus University is to educate qualified pharmacists and scientists who envision the ethical principles and concepts of pharmacy

as a profession and who have been equipped with high-level equipment of international standards to work as health consultants from the first step in society.

The college also aims to contribute to local and global scientific research, to use the acquired knowledge for the benefit of society.

The International Cyprus University tries to train students to thrive in the current pharmacy environment.

Education at this university includes two stages on a curriculum that adapts to the needs of undergraduate students, transfer students, and graduates.

The International Pharmacy University seeks to produce qualified and conscious professionals who work according to the world standards of the pharmacy profession, show respect for their profession, and work for the benefit of society.


Conditions for admission to the International University of Pharmacy

You have several admission criteria for the International University for the Study of Pharmacy, which are very simple and uncomplicated. The requirements are:


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Scanned copy of passport.


The scholarships awarded to students at the International University for the Study of Pharmacy


The International University of Cyprus offers scholarships of up to 100% to all international students.

Scholarships are generally awarded to cover part or all of the study costs.

There are still other scholarships awarded to new students that cover an average of 25%, 50%, or even 100% of tuition fees and are based on academic performance.

Students who receive these types of scholarships must maintain a certain academic average during the academic process.


Residing at Cyprus International University


On-campus housing

On-campus housing at the Northern Cyprus International University costs between 160 and 280 euros per month. However, students can find cheaper accommodation outside the campus.



Student housing of the studio type is fully furnished, and students can choose a contract for either six months or one year.



CIU also provides fully furnished bedroom apartments with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and balcony, and students in these accommodations are allowed to cook for themselves.


Sports at Cyprus International University


The International Cyprus University boasts an impressive indoor sports arena. It includes a swimming pool, a basketball court, and a tennis court. The arena is one of the most popular facilities available on campus, open until late at night, providing students with the opportunity to relax after long days of studying. There are also several outdoor football, tennis, basketball courts, and a running track.

Studying Pharmacy at CIU
Studying Pharmacy at CIU

Food at Cyprus International University


The university canteen serves different meals three times a day:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Students have different payment options for meals, including yearly fees for all meals or paying per meal. There are also several other restaurants and a large supermarket on campus where students can shop for daily necessities.


Transportation to Cyprus International University


University students and staff can use the university buses for free.

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Employment opportunities for Pharmacy graduates at Cyprus International University


To begin practicing pharmacy, students need to register their names in the Cyprus Pharmacy Register. Before that, they need to complete a training period that can last for at least six months up to a year.

Students can choose a pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, or an industrial pharmacy for their training.


After completing the training, the next step is registration. To do so, students must answer the Cyprus pharmacy registration exams.

Since the Cypriot pharmacist license is recognized in many countries, students enjoy a wide range of opportunities.


Why you should study at Cyprus International University?


There are several advantages that make you excited to study pharmacy at Cyprus International University (CIU), including:


International Study Environment: The number of students at CIU has risen to 1800, with students coming from about 106 countries.


Modern Infrastructure: CIU has laboratories equipped with modern technologies, a computer center, and a wide-ranging research library.


Affordable Education: Compared to some universities in other countries, tuition fees at CIU are more affordable, and students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships.


Competent Staff: CIU works with associate professors who have the skills to transfer all possible knowledge to students.


Many pharmacy colleges in Cyprus teach their courses in English.


Best Pharmacy Courses in Cyprus


Primary education for pharmacists in Cyprus can be either a first degree such as B Pharm or long course degrees such as M Pharm and Pharm D, where the course curriculum follows a balance between theoretical and practical sessions, consisting of the following subjects:


  • Organic chemistry.


  • Pharmaceutical chemistry.


  • Drugs.


  • Pharmacology.


  • Pharmaceutical technology.


Completing a 6-month to one-year training period is mandatory for licensing purposes, but after graduation, students can also go for further studies such as second cycle programs (Master’s) or third cycle programs (PhD).


Tuition Fees and Cost of Studying Pharmacy in Cyprus


Tuition fees in Cyprus are generally lower than tuition fees for studying in countries around Cyprus, and public pharmacy universities are cheaper than private universities.

As a reference, we have provided their current fees, which are around 8600 euros.


We have come to the end of this article, and we have provided you with all the information about studying pharmacy at Cyprus International University, and we have chosen this college specifically

because it enjoys many advantages over other universities. Therefore, you can read more articles about studying in Turkish Cyprus, and you can also contact us via WhatsApp to answer any inquiries.